Does LiquidSky work on Android Smart TV's?



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    Ethan S (Edited )

    I was able to sideload the app to the Nvidia Shield TV (using network ADB which was awesome, no USB cable required) and it works quite well.

    It took me a little bit to realize that because the manifest doesn't list Android TV that it won't show up in the launcher, so you have to go into Settings > Apps, and find LiquidSky and launch it from there. It would be great if future versions would add this because it works exceedingly well other than my notes below.

    The Android TV keyboard works well in this app (though it always seems to need a couple clicks of "Done" before you can use the right joystick to navigate the cursor over a button and A or R1 to "click". It handles going from Portrait (app homescreen/setup) to Landscape (once remoted into the SkyComputer) seamlessly and the Shield TV handles it perfectly and the ethernet port also allows me to have a stable and fast wired connection while gaming (no Bluetooth controller + wireless woes here).

    One thing to note as mentioned above is you use the right thumbstick to control the mouse cursor in order to click in the app since the manifest doesn't tell Android TV it can use the controller for cursor movements, and the cursor doesn't work well once in the SkyComputer, but you can hit "Back" to leave the SkyComputer into the app and then reopen the SkyComputer to reopen Steam if you have somehow closed it out (perhaps to apply an update).

    The other possibly more problematic issue is that with the Shield controller "Select" is also "Back" so in the app since "Back" brings you out of your SkyComputer to the app again, in many games you can't access the functions that "Select" normally triggers, this is a pain in games like Borderlands where that is your inventory and character management and there isn't another key to map it to. It would be great if Back didn't get handled by the app, but if you instead had to click the LiquidSky icon (that really should pulse or something so it doesn't burn into my screen) in order to explicitly exit the SkyComputer session. I can't count the number of times in one extended session that I accidentally bumped the Back button and when I get back into the game my character is spinning in circles spraying bullets everywhere.

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