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  • Device verification
    To enforce security of your account, we have added multi-factor authentication to the client. Whenever you log in to your account from a new device, you will see the device verification screen. To verify that device, all you need to do is open the... Read More
  • Free Trials are not available at this time
       In an effort to prioritize our loyal paying customers we have removed trials until further optimizations can be made. In the meantime paying customers can enjoy a more reliable experience and server availability.    We highly encourage new user... Read More
  • How to get access as an original beta user?
    If you have been a paying user in LiquidSky 1.0 and still have unused SkyCredits but you don't have access to your SkyComputer, you can reach out to our Customer Support using this link: W... Read More
  • How can I sign up for LiquidSky?
    In order to sign up for LiquidSky, all you need is to download our client from and go through the sing up process within the application. You will need a valid email address that you can confirm later, nickna... Read More
  • I can not confirm my email. What do I do?
    If you are not receiving the confirmation email at all, try re-sending the email from the signup page in the client. If that does not help, you can try to sign up using a different mailbox - we advise using more popular providers. You can also mes... Read More
  • What If I had an account in LiquidSky 1.0? Is there a way to migrate that account to 2.0?
    If you have previously had an account with LiquidSky and would like to have your data transferred, you can create a new account in LiquidSky 2.0 and message our Support, providing us with the email you were previously using as well as the new emai... Read More
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  • Is there a way to earn SkyCredits for free?
    Unfortunately, there is no way to earn SkyCredits for free, apart from contests and give-aways that we run on our forum or social media. We have removed all the ads from the service to focus on our paying customers. Read More
  • What are SkyCredits?
    SkyCredits are a type of currency used by LiquidSky. You can exchange them for time spent in your SkyComputer. 1 SkyCredit = 1 Minute of Access to your SkyComputer using the lowest, Gamer Performance Package. You will need 60 SkyCredits to use yo... Read More
  • How many SkyCredits do I use for a 1 hour and 30 minute session?
    In this example (considering you are using the Gamer Performance Mode where 1 SkyCredit = 1 minute of use) you would be charged 90 SkyCredits because you will be using your SkyComputer for 90 minutes. For the same session on Pro Performance Mode (... Read More
  • Do SkyCredits rollover?
    SkyCredits received with your monthly subscription or one time purchase have no expiration. You can save them up and use them at any time as they roll over and don't get deleted even when your monthly subscription is over. When your subscription e... Read More
  • Are SkyCredits being charged when I am in the home screen?
    Your SkyCredits are only being charged when your SkyComputer is on. If you close out the client but leave your SkyComputer running, SkyCredits will continue being used. The amount depends on the performance package you chose when you launched your... Read More

Frequent Questions

  • Can I run a benchmark on my SkyComputer to see how powerful it is?
    Unfortunately, the benchmark will not give you proper results on a SkyComputer due to the technology your SkyComputer uses. Trying out the games and seeing how well they run is the best way to measure your SkyComputer's potential. Read More
  • VIP Gamer Club
    When you subscribe to a Monthly Plan you automatically join the VIP Gamer Club that comes with a bunch of great benefits. You can take advantage of those benefits as long as your monthly subscription is active.Here are the benefits of being a VIP ... Read More
  • How and where do I purchase a plan or SkyCredits?
    In order to make a purchase you need to install the LiquidSky client (either on PC or Android), create an account or log in to an existing one and head to the SkyStore. In the SkyStore you will see Monthly and One Time Payment options to choose fr... Read More
  • What do I get with a purchase?
    SkyCreditsWhen you make a purchase, you receive a certain amount of SkyCredits that you can use as time on your SkyComputer. 1 SkyCredit = 1 minute of use on Gamer Performance2 SkyCredits = 1 minute of use on Pro PerformanceHere is a breakdown of ... Read More
  • Is LiquidSky available on Mac?
    Unfortunately, we do not have a Mac client out yet. We plan to release it someday but we are currently focusing on PC and Android clients and making sure they are bug free. Read More
  • How do I uninstall/reinstall LiquidSky?
    In order to uninstall LiquidSky you will need to get to the installation folder first.You can find it under:  C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Roaming\LiquidSky Some folders may be hidden so you either have to paste the path into the path field in yo... Read More
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Features and How They Work

  • VIP Discount
    If you run out of your SkyCredits that come with your subscription every month, you can always purchase additional SkyCredits. Being a VIP member gives you a 20% discount on all of the One Time Purchase options so you can get extra SkyCredits for ... Read More
  • Data Center Change
    If you are a VIP member you have an option to manually change the data center you are assigned to.Please remember that the closer you are to that data center, the better your experience will be due to lower latency and less significant delays. Als... Read More
  • Admin Password
    In order to access the Admin Password on your SkyComputer you need to go into LiquidSky menu --> settings and click Paste Admin Password (your cursor should be active in a text field you want to paste your password into).If you are being asked ... Read More
  • Gamer Performance
    Gamer Performance is the basic performance option for your SkyComputer that uses 1 SkyCredit per minute and gives you enough power to run most games that are not extremely demanding when it comes to performance. You can choose this performance whe... Read More
  • Pro Performance
    Pro Performance is the more powerful performance option for your SkyComputer that uses 2 SkyCredit per minute and gives you enough power to run the latest, more demanding titles. You can choose this performance when you start your SkyComputer. Read More
  • Quality Presets
    Quality presets can be found in your SkyComputer settings and determine the quality of your video stream. The higher preset you choose, the better quality of image you will receive and faster internet connection you will need to handle it (each pr... Read More
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Promo & Referral Codes

  • Does LiquidSky have a referral program?
    Yes, all paying users receive a unique referral code which they can share with their friends and family. Referrer receives 300 SkyCredits for each referred user who made a purchase. If the referrer belongs to the VIP Gamer Club the payout is doubl... Read More
  • What is the difference between the referral code and a promo code?
    Referral Code is your own, unique code attached to your account, that you share with your friends if you want to be rewarded for inviting them to LiquidSky. Referral codes can only be used during sign up process of new users.Promo Code is a code a... Read More
  • Where do I redeem a promo code?
    You can redeem any Promo Codes in your profile settings, in the Billing section on both Android and PC clients. Read More
  • Where do I enter my referral code?
    Referral Codes can be used when signing up for a new account. You can only use one referral code for your account, and only during the initial sign-up process. We do this to make sure that referral codes are being redeemed when they are supposed t... Read More
  • Where can I find a promo code?
    Promo codes are usually being sent out in our promotional emails so it is good to stay subscribed to them.They are also being spread during events, contests, video streams and in many other ways.Promo codes have expiration date so we advise applyi... Read More
  • Why don't I have my own referral code to share?
    At this time, only customers that have purchased SkyCredits successfully are able to receive their unique referral code. If you have made a payment and don't see a referral code in your Profile settings on PC or the menu on Android, please contact... Read More
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Gaming on LiquidSky

  • Fortnite - best performance settings
    For game optimization please check our Blog post at Read More
  • Can I play GTA V on LiquidSky?
    Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most popular games played on LiquidSky. Therefore we get a lot of questions regarding it. Here are some of them followed by the answers: 1. Does GTA V work on LiquidSky and which performance option do I need to run... Read More
  • Can I play games immediately or will I need to install them?
    You need to install your games before playing. You can load your Steam account and download your favorite games. You can also download games through your browser. Read More
  • What games and apps can I install?
    Just about anything compatible with Windows. With your SkyComputer you can play any game available for Windows (except exclusive games made for Windows Store). You can also install any applications you’d like through your browser or other means. T... Read More
  • Will my installed games stay on my SkyComputer?
    Yes, but only if you keep on using LiquidSky. One Time Purchase users have 7 days before their SkyComputer gets deleted if not launched. If your SkyComputer got deleted, you will have to create a new one and install all your games again. If you ha... Read More
  • Can I use game controllers on LiquidSky?
    Yes. The most common controllers should easily sync with LiquidSky on all devices. If your game does not respond to inputs from the controller, you may have to map the keys in your game options, usually found in the control settings or remap the c... Read More


  • Can I use a VPN on my SkyComputer?
    Using a VPN will negatively impact your experience. Therefore, we do not recommend using any VPN's either on your SkyComputer or your local PC. Installing a VPN on your SkyComputer may prevent you from connecting to it later and/or decrease the pe... Read More
  • Minimum Internet Requirements
    Having a strong and consistent internet connection is critical for a good experience. Poor connection leads to packet-loss, screen tearing and other negative effects. The recommended internet speed is a minimum of 5 Mb/sec and ideally 20 Mb/s or m... Read More
  • Network quality terms explained
    Since your experience on LiquidSky substantially depends on your network performance, you may want to learn some of the useful terminology to better understand a problem you may be facing if your experience is not smooth.PACKETA packet is a piece ... Read More