• Data Center Change
    If you are a VIP member you have an option to manually change the data center you are assigned to.Please remember that the closer you are to that data center, the better your experience will be due to lower latency and less significant delays. Als... Read More
  • Admin Password
    In order to access the Admin Password on your SkyComputer (none accessible on your Trial) you need to go into LiquidSky menu and then settings. You should see the Paste Admin Password option at the bottom and also have your cursor active in a text... Read More
  • Gamer Performance
    Gamer Performance is the basic performance option for your SkyComputer that uses 1 SkyCredit per minute and gives you enough power to run most games that are not extremely demanding when it comes to performance. You can choose this performance whe... Read More
  • Pro Performance
    Pro Performance is the more powerful performance option for your SkyComputer that uses 2 SkyCredit per minute and gives you enough power to run the latest, more demanding titles. You can choose this performance when you start your SkyComputer. Read More
  • Quality Presets
    Quality presets can be found in your SkyComputer settings and determine the quality of your video stream. The higher preset you choose, the better quality of image you will receive and faster internet connection you will need to handle it (each pr... Read More
  • How do I set LiqudSky to fullscreen?
    Once you open the client you can turn the fullscreen mode by hitting F11.Pressing it once again will make you go out of the fullscreen mode.This applies to the PC client as Android should already be running in the fullscreen mode. Read More
  • Time Out Setting
    You may be familiar with the Time Out setting from our 1.0 client. However, it's mechanics has been slightly changed in LiquidSky 2.0. Now, your Time Out will only start the countdown if you log out from your account. If you are logged in to your ... Read More
  • Will additional features be added to the new LiquidSky over time?
    Additional features will be slowly added to the client in the coming months. We’d like to roll them all out now, but hey, there’s only 24 hours in a day! Read More