• Account deactivation
    If you don't spend any SkyCredits within 90 days your account will get deactivated and you will have to contact our Support in order to have it reactivated. To prevent this from happening you need to spend at least 1 SkyCredit every 90 days.This d... Read More
  • Pricing Plans
    BEGINNERBeginner is a one time payment and our cheapest option with no commitment of monthly payment. Users who purchase the Beginner option will have access to the Gamer and Pro power packs at a rate of 2 SkyCredits per minute for Gamer and 4 Sky... Read More
  • Can I run a benchmark on my SkyComputer to see how powerful it is?
    Unfortunately, the benchmark will not give you proper results on a SkyComputer due to the technology your SkyComputer uses. Trying out the games and seeing how well they run is the best way to measure your SkyComputer's potential. Read More
  • VIP Gamer & Founder's Club
    When you subscribe to one of our recurring plans, you automatically join either the VIP Gamer Club (when you subscribe to our Prestige plan) or the Founder's Club (when you subscribe to the Prestige+ plan). Being a member of the VIP/Founder's Club... Read More
  • How and where do I purchase a plan or SkyCredits?
    In order to make a purchase you need to install the LiquidSky client (either on PC or Android), create an account or log in to an existing one and head to the SkyStore. In the SkyStore you will see Monthly and One Time Payment options to choose fr... Read More
  • What do I get with a purchase?
    SkyCreditsWhen you make a purchase, you receive a certain amount of SkyCredits that you can use as time on your SkyComputer. Here is a breakdown of what you get with specific purchases:Beginner $14.99  (one time payment) - 3,000 SkyCredits good fo... Read More
  • Is LiquidSky available on Mac?
    Unfortunately, we do not have a Mac client out yet. We plan to release it someday but we are currently focusing on PC and Android clients and making sure they are bug free. Read More
  • How do I uninstall/reinstall LiquidSky?
    In order to uninstall LiquidSky you will need to get to the installation folder first.You can find it under:  C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Roaming\LiquidSky Some folders may be hidden so you either have to paste the path into the path field in yo... Read More
  • How do I transfer files from my local computer to my SkyComputer?
    Unfortunately, there is no connection between your local computer and your SkyComputer and you can't transfer files between them directly. In order to transfer your files you will need to upload them to any kind of online storage service like Drop... Read More
  • Can I upgrade my SkyStorage?
    Your SkyStorage is fixed and comes with the plan you choose, therefore, you can not expand it unless you upgrade to a plan that gives you more SkyStorage. You get: 200 GB of SkyStorage with One Time Purchase. 500 GB of SkyStorage with any of our ... Read More
  • Are there any circumstances under which my SkyComputer will be deleted?
    There are many different situations in which your SkyComputer may get deleted making you lose your data:One Time Purchase: You will lose your SkyComputer if there is no SkyCredits consumed within 7 days.  Monthly Subscription: Your SkyComputer wil... Read More
  • Is my data and what I do on my SkyComputer monitored or shared with 3rd parties?
    We do not share your data or activity on your SkyComputer unless you are engaging in illegal activity. Your actions are not being monitored unless you are flagged by our systems for illegal or suspicious activity. Read More
  • Can I get banned?
    Yes. First, you will get banned for life by trying to engage in any kind of fraudulent activity – using stolen credit cards, for instance. You can also get banned if you don’t comply with our terms and conditions. No torrenting. Note that we are o... Read More
  • Can I torrent games and software on my SkyComputer?
    Using torrents or any kind of piracy on your SkyComputer is forbidden and you will get banned for doing so. Please be aware that it is against our terms of service to use unlicensed software. If you own a game or program on a physical disc rather ... Read More
  • If I have a technical issue, do you have a Support Department I can contact?
    Yes. You can contact our support through the client or our Knowledge Base website by clicking on the Help button. Subscribers and One Time Purchase users have priority support. Everyone else may have to wait a bit longer for their reply but we wil... Read More
  • What Makes LiquidSky Different from OnLive or Nvidia GeForce Now?
    LiquidSky gives you a full Windows gaming PC in the cloud that you can access from any device. Games like League of Legends and Fallout 4 run on their highest settings with ultra low latency. With LiquidSky you can install any program or game to y... Read More
  • Can I run a benchmark on LiquidSky to test SkyComputer's performance?
    Benchmarks are designed to test consumer-grade hardware. LiquidSky runs on sever-grade hardware that performs vastly different during a test. Therefore, you may receive misleading results that do not represent the actual performance. We advise you... Read More
  • What can I use LiquidSky for except for games?
    Glad you asked! There are plenty of other applications, including popular web browsers, office applications, and other licensed software that will run on LiquidSky, the same as they would run on your home or office PC. Read More
  • What are the specifications of each performance package?
    In LiquidSky 2.0 we offer you two performance packages that are more powerful than before:                                      Read More
  • How can I improve my ping test?
    Before you run your ping test make sure that nothing is restricting your bandwidth and your network isn't under heavy load due to downloads, video streams or other programs using it.  We recommend using Ethernet cable over WiFi to avoid interferen... Read More
  • How do I delete my account?
    If you are determined to close your LiquidSky account, all you need to do is contact our support. However, after we delete your account, you will no longer be able to log in and use our service.  We would appreciate having your feedback, and any r... Read More