• Mouse on Android
    With the latest patch, we have made progress towards improving mouse behavior on Android. However, different devices have different mouse functionality so we can't guarantee that everything will work the same on every device. How the mouse works w... Read More
  • What version of Android do I need, to run LiquidSky on my device?
    Our Android app is optimized for devices with Android 6.0 Marshmallow  and above. LiquidSky will run on Android versions as low as 5.2 but it is not optimized for anything below 6.0 and your experience may not be optimal if you are using a device ... Read More
  • Does LiquidSky work on Android Smart TV's?
    Our Android application was originally designed and tested around smartphones and tablets. Although Android TV is very similar, the lack of touchscreen and rotation may require additional workarounds. Even though our LiquidSky Android app may work... Read More
  • Are Chromebooks supported?
    Chromebooks are a unique case: Google is rolling out limited Android functionality on select models, with only a few that are not in heavy Beta stage. These Chromebooks will have the ability to run LiquidSky; however, the experience is not yet opt... Read More