• Can I use a VPN on my SkyComputer?
    Using a VPN will negatively impact your experience. Therefore, we do not recommend using any VPN's either on your SkyComputer or your local PC. Installing a VPN on your SkyComputer may prevent you from connecting to it later and/or decrease the pe... Read More
  • Minimum Internet Requirements
    Having a strong and consistent internet connection is critical for a good experience. Poor connection leads to packet-loss, screen tearing and other negative effects. The recommended internet speed is a minimum of 5 Mb/sec and ideally 20 Mb/s or m... Read More
  • Network quality terms explained
    Since your experience on LiquidSky substantially depends on your network performance, you may want to learn some of the useful terminology to better understand a problem you may be facing if your experience is not smooth.PACKETA packet is a piece ... Read More