• Does LiquidSky have a referral program?
    Yes, all paying users receive a unique referral code which they can share with their friends and family. After the referral (newly signed up user who used the code) makes his first purchase, he and his referrer (the person sharing their unique cod... Read More
  • What is the difference between the referral code and a promo code?
    Referral Code is your own, unique code attached to your account, that you share with your friends if you want to be rewarded for inviting them to LiquidSky. Referral codes can only be used during sign up process of new users.Promo Code is a code a... Read More
  • Where do I redeem a promo code?
    You can redeem any Promo Codes in your profile settings, in the Billing section. It is currently only possible in the PC client but this feature is going to be added to Android soon as well.  Read More
  • Where do I enter my referral code?
    Referral Codes can be used when signing up for a new account. You can only use one referral code for your account, and only during the initial sign-up process. We do this to make sure that referral codes are being redeemed when they are supposed t... Read More
  • Where can I find a promo code?
    Promo codes are usually being sent out in our promotional emails so it is good to stay subscribed to them.They are also being spread during events, contests, video streams and in many other ways.Promo codes have expiration date so we advise applyi... Read More
  • Why don't I have my own referral code to share?
    At this time, only customers that have purchased SkyCredits successfully are able to receive their unique referral code. If you have made a payment and don't see a referral code in your Profile settings on PC or the menu on Android, please contact... Read More
  • Why haven't I received my referral bonus yet?
    Referral bonuses are only paid to the referrer once their referral has spent more than 300 SkyCredits. We do this to prevent abuse and to encourage the use of a SkyComputer. If you're confident your referral has spent 300 SkyCredits and you still ... Read More