• Windows Store
    Unfortunately, Windows Store is not available on LiquidSky as of now. This is due to the operating system we use and Windows Store is not featured on that OS. Read More
  • Fortnite - best performance settings
    For game optimization please check our Blog post at https://blog.liquidsky.tv/2018/03/26/game-optimization-fortnite-liquidsky/ Read More
  • Can I play GTA V on LiquidSky?
    Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most popular games played on LiquidSky. Therefore we get a lot of questions regarding it. Here are some of them followed by the answers: 1. Does GTA V work on LiquidSky and which performance option do I need to run... Read More
  • Can I play games immediately or will I need to install them?
    You need to install your games before playing. You can load your Steam account and download your favorite games. You can also download games through your browser or any other sources. After that you simply run the game just as you would on your lo... Read More
  • What games and apps can I install?
    Just about anything compatible with Windows. With your SkyComputer you can play any game available for Windows (except exclusive games made for Windows Store). You can also install any applications you’d like through your browser or other means. T... Read More
  • Will my installed games stay on my SkyComputer?
    Yes, but only if you keep on using LiquidSky. One Time Purchase users have 7 days before their SkyComputer gets deleted if not launched. If your SkyComputer got deleted, you will have to create a new one and install all your games again. If you ha... Read More
  • Can I use game controllers on LiquidSky?
    Yes. The most common controllers should easily sync with LiquidSky on all devices. If your game does not respond to inputs from the controller, you may have to map the keys in your game options, usually found in the control settings or remap the c... Read More